Washer Repair Samsung WF45T6000A

Washer Repair Samsung WF45T6000A – Nov 14, 2023

Description of objects for repairing

Object: washer machine Samsung, model WF45T6000A. Customer claim: the washer is not spinning. Issue: faulty water valve. Tools that were used in repairing works: screwdrivers, pliers, towel (to catch any drips) and new water valve.
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Repairing procedure

Steps to replace water valve:
Step 1: Safety first
  • Unplugging the washer
  • Turning off the water supply
Step 2: Inspection of washer machine
  • Removing the top panel of the washer by unscrewing the back screws
  • Technician slided the top back and lifted it off
  • The water valve is typically at the top where the water hoses connect
  • Inspection showed the issues: washer was not filling with water, not spinning and running
  • This was caused by a faulty water valve
Step 3: Water valve replacement
  • Taking a photo for reference
  • Disconnecting the hoses gently, using towel to catch drips
  • Unplugging any electrical connectors
  • Unscrewing the valve from the washer
  • Expert mounted the new valve in place and secured it with screws
  • Then he reconnected the hoses and electrical connectors, referring to the photo
Step 4: Reassembling and testing
  • Replacing the top panel
  • Turning on the water supply and plugging in the washer
  • Running a test cycle to ensure it’s filling with water and functioning correctly
Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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