Refrigerator Repair Sub-Zero 48S

Refrigerator repair Sub-Zero 48S-Oct-9-2023

Description of objects for repairing

Object: refrigerator Sub-Zero, model 48S. Customer claim: reduction in device efficiency. Equipment that were used in repairing works: vacuum cleaner, coil cleaning brush and coil cleaning solution, disassembly tools, multimeter and attachments. Refrigerator repair service provides expert help to restore your refrigerator’s functionality and dependability, potentially saving you from having to buy a new appliance. This service involves a series of tasks conducted by skilled technicians to tackle different problems and faults in your refrigerator, ensuring its continued durability and effectiveness. You can find more details about refrigerator repairs by following the provided link: refrigerator repair Chicago.

Repairing procedure

Description of the work process below: Step 1: Safety in process
  • During the initial phase of our operations, ensuring safety is top priority
  • Unplugging the refrigerator to ensure safety during inspection, cleaning and repairing
Step 2: Diagnosing the problem
  • We began by performing a thorough diagnosis of the refrigerator’s problem
  • To access the coils, that are located behind a kick plate, we removed protective grill and cover
  • We found out that the coils were dirty and blocked, so that was affecting appliance efficiency
Step 3: Vacuuming
  • Using a soft brush attachment to gently vacuum accumulated dust and debris from the coils
Step 4:Brush coils
  • Using a coil brush to gently scrub any stubborn debris
  • Moving in the direction of the fins to avoid damage
Step 5: Coils inspection
  • Checking for any visible damage or bent fins
  • Straightening with a fin comb
Step 6: Checking drip pan
  • Cleaning the drip pan
  • Ensuring it’s perfectly clean and free from mold or algae
Step 7: Reassembling and reconnecting
  • Replacing covers and grills, removed earlier
  • Plugging the refrigerator back in
Step 8: Monitoring
  • After maintenance, we monitored the fridge’s temperature and efficiency
Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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