Refrigerator Repair KitchenAid KRFC302ESS


Description of objects for repairing

Object: refrigerator KitchenAid, model KRFC302ESS. Customer claim: refrigerator is not cooling properly. Equipment that were used in repairing works: disassembly tools, multimeter and attachments, new fan motor with additional parts. The refrigerator repair service is a professional assistance aimed at restoring the functionality and reliability of your refrigerator, saving you the cost of purchasing a new appliance. This service encompasses a range of procedures performed by experienced technicians to address various issues and malfunctions associated with your refrigerator to ensure the long-term reliability and performance of it. Additional information about refrigerator repairing is under the link: Refrigerator repair near me.

Repairing procedure

Description of the work process below: Step 1: Prioritizing safety
  • In the initial phase of our work safety is always paramount
  • We disconnected the refrigerator’s power supply, by unplugging it, to avoid any electrical hazards during the repair
Step 2: Diagnosing the problem
  • We proceeded by conducting a comprehensive diagnosis of the refrigerator’s cooling issue
  • Our objective was to identify the root cause of the problem, and the diagnosis indicated a potential problem with the fan motor
Step 3: Fan motor inspection
  • Our team carefully inspected the fan motor, looking for visible signs of damage or irregularities
  • We also checked if the fan was operating when required, as it plays a crucial role in the distribution of cool air within the refrigerator
Step 4: Motor testing
  • Using a multimeter, an essential electrical testing device, we assessed the fan motor’s continuity
  • This step allowed us to determine whether the motor was functioning properly and whether it was responsible for the cooling problem
Step 5: Replacing the faulty motor
  • Upon confirmation of a faulty fan motor, we proceeded with its replacement
  • This process included removing the old, defective motor from its housing
Step 6: Installation of the new motor
  • The new fan motor was installed, ensuring that it was securely in place
  • The proper installation of the motor is critical for the refrigerator’s overall performance and efficiency
Step 7: Restoring power
  • With the new motor in place, we reconnected the power supply by plugging the refrigerator back in
  • This step reinstated the refrigerator’s connection to the electrical supply
Step 8: Operation verification
  • To conclude, we verified that the new fan motor operated smoothly
  • It effectively circulated cool air throughout the refrigerator, and we carefully monitored the appliance’s temperature and efficiency to ensure it was once again cooling properly
Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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