Range Repair Viking VGRC48-6G

Range Repair Viking VGRC48-6G - Morgan Appliance Repair

Description of objects for repairing

Object: Viking Range, model VGRC48-6G. Customer claim: burner does not turn on. Problem: the burner has failed. Equipment that was used during repair work:
  • a tool for disassembling household appliances, a new burner for a stove of this model, technical documentation from Viking for this type of device.
Repair of premium gas stoves from Viking is one of the areas of work of Morgan Appliance Repair. Our company pays special attention to equipment from such a brand as Viking. This type of device requires technicians to have special knowledge and qualifications. Therefore, we constantly improve the qualifications of our specialists through trainings and courses offered by the manufacturer, in this case Viking. You can read more about the repair of devices of this type on the page of our website: range repair Chicago In this case: we received a request from a client that one of the burners of the Viking stove did not turn on. This is not such a frequent breakdown for this brand. This technique is very reliable. However, the burner failed. Our technician quickly carried out diagnostics and identified the problem. The burner needed to be replaced. We quickly found a new replacement part. And they made a replacement. After that, everything worked. By the way, a guarantee for both work and components is also provided by our company. The client was satisfied!

Repairing procedure

Safety First:
  • Shut off the gas supply to the range and ensure proper ventilation in the area.
Access the Bake Burners:
  • Open the oven door and locate the bake burners at the bottom of the oven cavity.
Turn Off Gas Supply:
  • Ensure the gas supply to the range is turned off.
Remove Oven Racks:
  • Take out the oven racks for better access to the bake burners
Identify the Defective Burners:
  • Check for any visible damage or irregularities on the bake burners.
Disconnect Gas Line:
  • Gently disconnect the gas line attached to the bake burners. Use caution and follow proper safety procedures.
Unscrew or Unclip the Burners:
  • Depending on the model, unscrew or unclip the old bake burners from their mounting.
Install the New Bake Burners:
  • Position the new bake burners and secure them in place.
Replace Oven Racks:
  • Put the oven racks back into the oven.
Replace Oven Racks:
  • Put the oven racks back into the oven.
Test the Range:
  • Turn on the gas supply and test the range to ensure the new bake burners operate properly.
Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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