Range Repair Viking VDSC365-6BSS

Range Repair Viking VDSC365-6BSS – Oct 21, 2023

Description of objects for repairing

Object: range Viking, model VDSC365-6BSS. Customer claim: the range is not turning on. Issue: faulty igniter and burner. Equipment that were used in repairing works: spare parts (burner and igniter), wrenches, screwdrivers, gas wrench, valve wrench, gloves, safety goggles.
Range repair is a service aimed at diagnosing and fixing issues with kitchen ranges. This service includes a range of tasks and maintenance activities to ensure that the range operates safely and efficiently. Some common aspects of Morgan range repair services may include: diagnosis, repairs, maintenance, replacement parts, safety checks, testing, advisory services, emergency repairs. Some more details about range repair: range repair Chicago.

Repairing procedure

Work process description:
Step 1: Before the work start
  • Expert turned off and disconnected the range from power
  • He ensured it’s completely cool
Step 2: Inspection of range
  • We opened the cooktop: the grates, caps and bases were removed to access the igniter and burner
  • Locate the igniter: we found the igniter next to the burner
  • After inspection, it became clear that both the burner and igniter were defective
Step 3: Burner and igniter replacement
  • Igniter removal: the wires were disconnected, noting connection points, and the igniter was unscrewed
  • Igniter replacing: we attached the new igniter, secured it and reconnected wires
  • Burner removal: expert unscrewed the burner from its position
  • Burner replacing: the new burner was replaced, ensuring it was aligning with the igniter and gas supply
  • Then we secured the burner
Step 4: Reassembling and reconnecting
  • The bases, caps and grates were replaced in their original position
  • The power was reconnected: we plugged the range back in
Step 5: Testing
  • Technician turned on the burner to ensure successful ignition and even flame
  • The new burner was working as expected, and the range has resumed normal operation
Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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