Range Repair GE JGBS66REKSS


Description of objects for repairing

Object: gas range GE, model JGBS66REKSS. Customer claim: The automatic ignition of the burner does not work in the gas stove. Problem: igniter is faulty. Tools Needed:
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench or socket set
  • New broil igniter (specific to your GE model)
When you can’t light the burner, it’s really a problem. The gas stove behaves as if it is broken. You won’t be able to use it to cook food or heat it up. But, in this case, the problem is not so serious. The burner igniter often fails in any gas stove. In this case, our specialist promptly carried out diagnostics and found the cause of the malfunction. We ordered a new igniter for this model and installed it. After which the gas range started working. For more information about our gas stove repair services, see the website page: range repair Chicago.

Repairing procedure

Safety First:
  • Unplug the range or shut off the power at the breaker.
  • Turn off the gas supply to the range.
Access the Broil Igniter:
  • Open the oven door and remove the oven racks for easier access.
  • Locate the broil igniter inside the oven, typically at the top.
Remove the Broil Igniter:
  • Depending on the model, you may need to remove a cover or panel to access the igniter.
  • Disconnect the igniter’s wiring. This might involve unplugging a connector or removing screws.
  • Remove the mounting screws that hold the igniter in place.
  • Carefully remove the igniter, being mindful not to damage the fragile ceramic.
Install the New Igniter:
  • Position the new igniter in place of the old one.
  • Secure it with the mounting screws.
  • Reconnect the wiring exactly as it was with the old igniter.
Reassemble and Test:
  • Replace any covers or panels that were removed.
  • Reinsert the oven racks.
  • Restore power and gas supply to the range.
  • Test the broil function to ensure the new igniter is working correctly.
Important Tips:
  • Model-Specific Instructions: Always refer to the user manual for your specific GE range model for detailed instructions.
  • Correct Part: Ensure you have the correct igniter model for your specific range.
  • Handle with Care: Broil igniters are fragile, handle them gently to prevent breakage.
  • Professional Help: If you’re unsure about any step, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a qualified technician.
Safety Precautions:
  • Ensure the range is completely disconnected from power and gas supply before starting your work.
  • Be cautious with sharp edges inside the oven.
  • If you smell gas or suspect a leak at any point, stop immediately and seek professional help.
Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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