Oven Repair Wolf DF366

Oven Repair Wolf DF366 – Oct 18, 2023

Description of objects for repairing

Object: oven Wolf, model DF366. Customer claim: the oven is not turning on. Issue: faulty bake igniter was preventing burner from igniting. Equipment that were used in repairing works: multimeter, gloves and safety goggles, new bake igniter, tools for shield and igniter removal, replacement parts.
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Repairing procedure

Step by step work process is below:
Step 1: Preparing for work
  • Technician disconnected power and turned off gas
  • Access oven interior: the oven door was opened and oven racks were removed for better accessibility
Step 2: Inspection
  • Visual check: we examined the entire oven and then the bake igniter for debris
  • Locate igniter: ignitor is typically situated at the oven bottom or at the back, covered by a heat shield or oven bottom plate
  • In this case the ignitor was situated at the oven bottom, covered by a heat shield
  • We removed the shield by unfastening the screws to access the igniter
  • Inspection showed that faulty bake igniter was preventing burner from igniting
Step 3: Bake igniter replacement
  • We detached the faulty igniter from its mounting bracket and disconnected its wiring harness
  • The new igniter was installed and its wiring was connected
Step 4: Reattaching and restoring
  • The heat shield was reattached and oven racks were reinstalled
  • Expert plugged in the oven and turned on the gas supply
Step 5: Final testing
  • Our expert turned on the oven to bake mode and observed if the new igniter glows and burner ignites
  • The new igniter worked correctly and the oven began to operate properly
Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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