Microwave Viking VMOR205SS

Microwave repair for Viking VMOR205SS - February 10 by Morgan Appliance Repair in Chicago

Description of objects for repairing

Object: microwave Viking, model VMOS205.   Customer claim: microwave does not heat food.     Problem: the magnetron is faulty.     Tools that were used in repairing works: screwdrivers, multimeter, new burner and igniter specific to Viking VMOS205.

Morgan microwave repair service

Replacing the magnetron, micro switches, and panel frame in a Viking Microwave, model VMOR205SS, is a complex process that involves handling high-voltage components and intricate parts of the microwave. These repairs should only be undertaken by individuals who have experience with electrical appliances and are aware of the safety risks involved. If you’re not confident in your ability to perform these tasks safely, it’s strongly advised to seek professional assistance. However, for educational purposes or for those who have the necessary skills and experience, here’s a general overview of the steps involved in replacing these components. More information about microwave repair service: Microwave repair Chicago.

Repairing procedure

Here’s a brief overview:

Safety Precautions

  • Unplug the microwave from the power source to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  • Discharge the high-voltage capacitor to prevent a potentially lethal electric shock, even when the microwave is unplugged. This should be done by a professional or someone knowledgeable about electrical safety.

Tools You May Need

  • Screwdrivers (Phillips and flat-head)
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Multimeter (for testing purposes)
  • Torx screwdriver or bit, if required
  • Protective gloves and eyewear

Replacing the Magnetron

  • Access the Magnetron:
    • Remove the microwave from its mounting location if it’s an over-the-range model.
    • Take off the outer casing of the microwave by unscrewing the screws that hold it in place, typically found on the back and sides.
    • Locate the magnetron, which is usually behind a protective metal housing.
  • Remove the Magnetron:
    • Disconnect the wires attached to the magnetron terminals, noting their positions for reassembly.
    • Unscrew the mounting screws that secure the magnetron to the microwave chassis.
    • Carefully remove the magnetron, avoiding contact with the ceramic insulator if present.
  • Install the New Magnetron:
    • Position the new magnetron and secure it with the mounting screws.
    • Reattach the wires to the magnetron terminals as they were previously connected.

Replacing Micro Switches

  • Access the Control Panel:
    • Open the microwave door and locate screws that secure the control panel to the microwave, often found on the top or side of the panel.
    • Gently pull the panel away to access the micro switches.
  • Replace the Micro Switches:
    • Note the position and connection of each switch before removal.
    • Disconnect the wires from the micro switches using needle-nose pliers.
    • Use a screwdriver to remove any screws holding the switches in place.
    • Install the new switches by securing them in place, then reconnect the wires as they were originally configured.

Replacing the Panel Frame

  • Remove the Old Panel Frame:
    • With the control panel already accessed from the micro switch replacement steps, locate any screws or clips holding the panel frame.
    • Carefully remove these to detach the old frame.
  • Install the New Panel Frame:
    • Align the new panel frame with the control panel.
    • Secure it in place with screws or clips.
    • Reassemble the control panel onto the microwave.

Final Steps

  • Before reattaching the microwave’s outer casing, double-check all connections and ensure everything is properly secured.
  • Replace the outer casing and screw it back into place.
  • Plug the microwave back in and test it to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Perform tests like heating a cup of water to verify the repairs.

Important Note

  • Given the complexity and safety risks involved with microwave repairs, especially with high-voltage components like the magnetron, it’s strongly recommended to consult the user manual for any model-specific instructions or warnings. If at any point you feel unsure about the process, stop and consult a professional technician. Safety should always be your top priority.
Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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