Freezer Repair LG LFC21776ST/06

Freezer Repair LG LFC21776ST/06 – Nov 6, 2023

Description of objects for repairing

Object: bottom freezer in refrigerator LG, model LFC21776ST/06. Customer claim: the freezer is generating excessive ice; the freezer closes with difficulty. Issue: excessive ice in the freezer is indicating a malfunction in temperature control. Equipment that were used in repairing works: screwdrivers, fan for defrosting ice, multimeter, spatula, wrenches, condenser brush or vacuum, lubricating grease.
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Repairing procedure

Step 1: Before our expert arrived, we asked the customer to
  • Remove all items from the freezer
  • Go to the refrigerator control panel and set the freezer temperature slightly higher
  • Allow 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize
Step 2: Defrosting the freezer compartment
  • Before starting work, the technician unplugged the refrigerator from the mains
  • The freezer was defrosted using a special dryer
  • We put towels inside to absorb the excess water
Step 3: Inspection
  • We checked the integrity of the freezer door seals
  • The expert made sure that the freezer vents were not blocked by any objects
  • Proper airflow is critical for temperature control
  • We inspected the drainage hole in the freezer
  • The thermostat was also inspected and tested
  • The technician inspected the gasket around the freezer door for gaps or damage
  • The inspection revealed that the drain hole and thermostat should be cleaned, the damaged door seal door gasket should be replaced, and the freezer rails should be lubricated with food-grade silicone grease
Step 4: Repairing and cleaning
  • We always unplug the refrigerator before making repairs to ensure safety
  • The worker replaced all damaged and worn freezer door seals
  • They could be leaking warm air and causing ice formation
  • Then he cleaned the drain hole to ensure proper drainage during the defrosting process
  • Next, the technician cleaned the thermostat
  • The door gasket was replaced to ensure a tight seal
  • Finally, we applied a food-grade silicone lubricant to the freezer rails
  • This ensured a smooth closure and will prevent ice from forming
Step 5: Our recommendations for client
  • Periodically check for signs of ice buildup
  • Clean freezer regularly to prevent similar problems in the future
Here is a small photo report of the work carried out:

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